Friday, May 4, 2012

Almost One Year later....

Okay, yes I know it has been a LOOOoooong time since I last posted anything.  After vacation, Brant and I were still getting settled into our house and debating on getting a dog.  I've never owned one before, just cats. Brant, on the other hand, has owned several, but most of which were small.

Feeling the way we do about adopting strays instead of buying an expensive purebred, we went to the Cache Humane Society and started looking.  We had previously seen and met a dog named Lizzy.  She is an English Pointer and still quite the puppy, despite her being nearly full-grown.  When we didn't see her in the kennels we asked if she had been adopted.  To our surprise she hadn't and was in a foster home because she was so depressed at the shelter.  Again, to our surprise, she was living with a family who lived in none other than Hyrum, and only 3 blocks away. WOW!  So, Brant called the family and asked to meet us by the local elementary school to pick her up (before calling we paid her adoption fees and finalized paperwork).

Here's Lizzy!

We were both shocked that she seemed to remember us! How neat is that?
Lizzy was loveable and energetic from the start.  She's so eager to please and happy that her tail NEVER stops wagging.  Sometimes she's so enthusiastic that her little butt wiggles with it.  Her favorite toy is anything that squeaks, but loves a good tugging rope just as much! She's loves belly rubs and a good scratching underneath her collar.

After we had Lizzy for about 2 months, I felt like she needed a companion while Brant and I were both at work.  I mean, it's no fun being alone for 8 hours, right? Right!  So, I decided to surf the Human Society's website to see what other dogs they had that were female, about a year old and had a similar temperament to Lizzy's.  After making several trips back to Logan to 'meet and greet' other dogs with Lizzy, Brant and I decided to take this sweet girl for a doggie date of sorts for a few hours and see how they interacted in more open area:

At the time, her name was Marie.  But we felt Elli fit her much better.
Elli is an English Shepherd

Elli was very shy at first but after 4 or 5 months she really began to blossom for us!  She showed us she has TON of energy, but is perfectly content to curl up beside you, or by your feet and keep you company. Her favorite toys are ropes and tough chew toys (she's an ambitious chewer!). She loves to have her ears scratched and loves to lick!

They're both pretty protective, but LOVE kids!  They like to meet new people as long as Brant and I are there to reassure them.  Both came from abusive home but have blossomed and love their lives in our home. We love them both!

Here's some more photos!

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